Life Hack: Stop the Ad Bundles


03 Aug Life Hack: Stop the Ad Bundles

IMG_0615Tired of tripping over that bag of garbage advertisements that shows up on your front porch all the time? If you get this unsolicited bundle on your porch all the time, it’s actually pretty easy to get them to stop.

These ads are at best an unwelcome chore, and at worst an assault on the environment. We looked up a statistic, which sounds believable, that the average home throws away about 15 lbs of junk mail per week. I don’t want that karma, and I imagine if enough people opted out of these things the effect might be at least slightly significant.

We have not found the catch-all solution for all the junk mail, menus, and ad bundles, similar to an ad-block plugin for your web-browser, so please comment with any additional wisdom if you have it. But for the redplum bundles at least (which account for a pretty significant portion of unwanted trash at our place), there is a simple fix. It is printed right on the bag, but it’s kind of small print.


You can opt out by calling 1 (800) 540-0810. It takes 30 seconds to put yourself of the “do no deliver list”. And they are on call 24/7. We called at 2AM just to see what would happen, and spoke to a real-live person.

Spread the word too if you know other people who feel violated by that trash ending up on their lawn or porch. What a waste of the rainforest.


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