Sign up for a free yard tree

Here’s the deal: Philadelphia Parks and Recreation’s Tree Philly program offers all Philly residents the chance to scoop one or two to two trees to plant in their front, back, or side yard, free of charge. All you have to do is register here, then swing by one...

The First-Ever Urban Earthship Is Being Built In West Philly

From It’s built completely from recycled materials. It generates its own electricity from renewable energy sources. It runs its own water, which is collected from cisterns on the roof and subsequently filtered and pumped through the building. It grows its own food sources. Its internal climate is stabilized by...

Only ‘Street Movies!’ screening in West Philly

As part of the annual (17th!) outdoor film screening series Street Movies!, Scribe Video Center will present a great selection of independent films on Thursday, Aug. 14 at Malcolm X. Park (52nd and Pine). Malcolm X. Park is the only West Philly location where the...